Industrial Arts


The Industrial Arts Academy focuses on hands experiences developing the practices of those interested in skilled professions.

  • Learn to operate construction technology that professionals use to build and repair projects in the classroom and a real-world setting.

  • Design and construct projects using machine tools to develop the skills necessary to be certified in their field!

Career Options for Industrial Arts Academy Graduates

Welder, Contractor, Carpenter, Construction Site Superintendent, Engineer, Project Manager, and more!


All students in the Industrial Arts Academy will take foundational courses required to support the knowledge and skills taught in the career-specific pathways. 

  • Intro to Technology Education

  • Intro to Drafting and Design

  • Architectural Design

  • Building Trades



construction paTHWAY

The construction pathway will ensure students have the skills to work in the field of construction, across a number of different career paths.

  • Architectural Drafting

  • Cabinetry

  • Residential Construction

  • Advanced Cabinetry


The welding pathway was designed to support students in the development of skills in the areas of machine tools, welding and technology.

  • Intro to Machine Tool Tech

  • Advanced Machine Tool Tech

  • Welding Technology

  • Advanced Welding Technology