Medical Sciences Academy

Health Sciences Academy courses are designed for students to enter into the vast and ever-growing health industry.

  • Design, conduct, and analyze a wide range of scientific experiments to solve medical mysteries.

  • Connect learning to real-life by utilizing the terminology, tools, and technology used by nurses, doctors, and first responders.

  • Experience hands-on activities in anatomy, cell biology, disease research, and medical technology to prepare them for a health career.

Career Options for Health Sciences Academy Graduates

Emergency Response, Nursing, Medicine, Medical Technician, Doctor, Pharmacist, and more!

Medical Sciences Foundations

All students in the Health Sciences Academy will take foundational courses required to support the knowledge and skills taught in the career-specific pathways. 


  • Health Careers

  • Medical Terminology

  • Health Science Practices

  • PLTW Principals of Biomedical Sciences

Health Care Professionals Pathway

In the Health Care Professionals pathway, students will begin to understand the basics of becoming a nurse, medical doctor, and beyond. These hands-on courses provide real world examples of medical issues.


  • Certified Nursing Assistant

  • PLTW Medical Intervention

  • PLTW Human Body Systems

Health Informatics Pathway

Students interested in medicine and pharmaceuticals will learn about best practices and industry standards in the Health Informatics pathway. Students will get lab experience and certifications necessary to work in hospitals and labs.


  • Introduction to Health Informatics

  • Pharmacy Tech

  • PLTW Human Body Systems