Human Services


Lakota Tech High School's Teacher Prep Academy supports students understanding of human development throughout the lifespan. Students in the Teacher Prep Academy will be gain the foundational skills needed to teach and instruct at all age levels. From in class experiences, to lesson planning practice and day care internships, students will learn the basics of what it takes to be a teacher and care giver.


Career Options for Human Services Academy Graduates

Teaching, Child Care, Nursing Home Assistant, Day Care Owner, Professor, Paraprofessional and more!

Teacher Prep


All students in the Human Services Academy will take foundational courses required to support the knowledge skills taught in the more career-specific pathways. These courses lay the foundation needed for successful completion of all pathways.

  • Human Services Careers


Teaching & Child Development pATHWAY

In the Teaching & Child Development pathway, students develop skills necessary to support the physical development, emotional well-being, and academic learning of children birth to school age.

  • Human Development Prenatal-Toddlers

  • Human Development PreK-School Age

  • Human Development Adolescence-Death

  • Relationships across the Lifespan

  • Education and Training

  • Teaching as a Profession