Public Safety & Security


Lakota Tech High School's Public Safety and Security will prepare students to enter into the field of public safety. Those students interested in pursuing higher education to achieve their career goals will have a competitive advantage from the extensive hands-on, real world experiences within the Public Safety and Security Academy.


Career Options for Human Services Academy Graduates

Law Enforcement, Security, Lose Prevention, Corrections Officer, Probation Officer, Bailiff, Detective, Trooper

Public Safety & Security


All students in the Public Safety and Security Academy will take foundational courses required to support the knowledge skills taught in the more career-specific pathways. These courses lay the foundation needed for successful completion of all pathways.

  • Human Services Careers


lAW & Public Safety pathway

In the Public Safety pathway, students will experience criminal investigations and emergency response practices by working with local law enforcement professionals.

  • Law and Public Safety Practices

  • Law and Public Safety Careers

  • Introduction to Emergency Response