Lakota Tech High School

Important message:

Lakota Tech moves to in-person learning for those students and families who wish to attend. Online learning will continue through the end of the school year as well. Attendance is taken for every period throughout the day via zoom and in-person.

Lakota Tech High School Schedule:

9:30-10:05 Breakfast for in-person students

10:05-11:15  A Period

11:20-12:30  B Period

12:35-1:05  Lunch for in-person students

1:05-2:15  C Period

2:20-3:30  D Period

3:30  Load Busses

5:00  Activities Run Leaves

All students are required to attend Zoom classes Monday-Thursday.

Check out google site to learn about updates on online learning, meet teachers and see the schedule.

Students should check their emails daily to make sure they have the most up to date information from teachers and school staff.

Students can find zoom links, assignments, resources, grades, and attendance all through the same Canvas portal!

If parents wish to create an account, the Canvas App is available! Parents can check grades, attendance, and assignments!

Lakota Tech High School is making waves!

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